The Next Step in Our Journey

nB x Gs

We started netBlazr in 2010 with a simple idea: internet service is broken; let’s fix it. Everyone deserves fast, fair, and friendly internet regardless of their means. 

As Boston’s highest-rated service provider, we could not be prouder of what we’ve built and we’re ready for the next step in our mission.

Today, we’re excited to announce that netBlazr is merging with GiGstreem to build what we believe is the future of internet access. GiGstreem is a premier, white glove internet service provider providing the next-generation Wi-Fi experience to residential communities. Even better, GiGstreem shares our customer-first philosophy.

What does this mean for you as our current customer?  We've created an FAQ to answer your questions:

Why is netBlazr merging with GiGstreem?

We’ve built a great network with amazing customers, but our goal has always been to bring that experience to as many people as possible. With our expanded resources, we’ll be supercharging our network and working with GiGstreem to build what we believe is the next generation Wi-FI experience for multifamily buildings.

Will netBlazr service be using a different network?

No, but we are already working to bring our customers even faster speeds and greater reliability. This means an internet experience for you that keeps getting better and better! 

Will anything about my service change?

Not a whole lot. netBlazr was founded around the idea of providing broadband service that’s fast, fair, and friendly. This is something GiGstreem believes in as well (otherwise we wouldn’t have partnered with them!) This is not going to change!

Will this require a new installation or new equipment?

No. You won’t need any new hardware or configuration changes to continue using service.

Will I need to set up a new account with GiGstreem?

No. Your account and contact information will seamlessly transition over to GiGstreem’s billing and account management systems.

Should I expect my price to change?

No. Our goal is to remain the most competitively priced provider in Boston. We have no plans to change our pricing and existing customers would be “grandfathered in”, keeping their current price. 

What about fees, taxes, and contracts?

No change here either! netBlazr and GiGstreem still believe in clear, fair pricing without promotional pricing.

Will the support team be changing?

Our team will be expanding to provide 24/7 support to our residents.Our current support be joining our Tier III network operations center (NOC) team to help keep our network running at peak performance.

What changes should I expect?

The first change you should expect is 24/7 support which will be live in the next 30 days. Beyond that, expect that our network will get faster and even more reliable as we bring upgrades online. 

Tell me about GiGstreem

GiGstreem provides best-in-class connectivity to multifamily communities nationwide. For more than a decade, GiGstreem has specialized in end-to-end Wi-Fi connectivity. With their ubiquitous Wi-Fi offering, they’re building a next-generation experience, allowing residents to seamless connect when they walk in the door.

We appreciate your patronage, support and trust over the years. Thank you for the opportunity to continue our relationship.  We look forward to many more great news as we continue to build the best internet experience in Boston.