Top Five Reasons to Drop Comcast Today

Thinking of dropping Comcast? Here are some experiences our customers have shared before switching to netBlazr.

1.  Contract: 

Life is unpredictable; no need to be locked into a contract for a year or more. Many contracts require a 2-year commitment while only guaranteeing the current price for 12 months. After that period you are subject to any and all price hikes.

Comcast has also been reported to automatically renew contracts without permission from the customer. After the initial 60 days of the new contract you are relocked into service for the full year, costing hundreds of dollars if you choose to cancel.

2.  Customer Service: 1 out of 5 stars on Yelp with 35 reviews. 

Real Comcast reviews from Yelp. They speak for themselves.

“They force you to buy things you don’t want, tack on extra fee’s.  Several outages per week that typically last 1-4 hours.  “

“Upset that Comcast is totally dropping the ball with setting up my internet service.”

“Seriously, sitting in an empty room with no TV or internet might be preferable to dealing with Comcast.”

“Had Comcast for 1 year, our rates went up almost every single month in that year.”

3.  Slow Upload Speeds: 

Comcast is happy to talk about their download speeds, claiming up to 50 Mbps in their ads but downplays their upload speeds, which are typically 3-5 Mbps. Gaming, video conferencing, voice over IP and file sharing all rely heavily on upload speeds.

4.  High Priced Package: 

Land-lines and traditional television packages are quickly being replaced by mobile phones and online distribution of media. Most customers in the Boston area are paying around $160 per month for services they don’t fully use. With today’s technology and services available such as Hulu and Skype, those who switch to broadband only solutions have seen savings of over $100 per month.

5.  Unpredictable Price Hikes

Every six months to a year Comcast reviews its prices and due to its monopoly in many communities will raise prices 3% to 7%. This may only equate to a few dollars per customer, but when you factor in the already high price tag, those hikes add up fast.

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