Updated Streaming Service Roundup

Hi everyone, here’s an updated roundup of streaming services! The rise of cord cutters (and cord nevers) have increased the need for streaming services to increase their offerings this year. Even when you ditch your pesky cable TV bundle for netBlazr Internet service, we still want you to be able to binge watch as many TV shows as your heart desires. We wouldn’t be delivering you Internet speeds as fast as we do if you couldn’t get a nice binge watching session out of it. Our standard plan, which is $39.95 a month for 15 Mbps, is perfect for streaming shows and movies in HD quality with very minimal buffering.


Playstation Vue $29.99/month

The newest addition to the streaming service world is Playstation Vue, an online streaming service by Sony. You need a Playstation 4 or 3 or an Amazon Fire stick to subscribe but after that you can stream using anything from Apple devices to Chromecast. It’s a pretty handy new service that was previously only available in a few cities but has just been rolled out nationwide. You can upgrade to elite for $15/month and add 100+ more channels to the base of 55+ channels you get, as well as upgrade with smaller packages for $5/monthly if you have more specific tastes. One of the standout perks of Vue is its ability to record and store shows for a period of time. Unlike Sling, you can also have multiple videos streaming from different user profiles in the same household.

Check out Playstation Vue here.

Sling.tv $20/month

Sling is pretty comparable to cable in that it gives you a basic package of channels which you can add onto with additional channel packages for $5. Basically, if you were happy with cable except for the ridiculous prices and terrible customer service, this is the no-contract subscription for you. It’s great for sports fans since it has ESPN and ESPN2 as well as channels that can be appreciated by everyone like CNN and the Food Network. Even though Vue and Sling are pricier than most streaming services, they are the closest options to cable and have the bonus of being able to cancel whenever you want. You could even pick one of the two services to last you through certain sports’ seasons and then cancel and stick with the options below for the offseason.

Check out Sling.tv here.

Netflix $7.99/month

The most popular streaming service by far, Netflix doesn’t really need an explanation. These days, new content on the service is hard to come by not because it’s not there but because they’re beginning to phase out movies and shows in much quicker cycles without warning subscribers. But the website does have the most intuitive online interface, especially with accurate recommendations for things to watch after you’ve already gone through what you initially wanted to watch. It is worth it to note that if you’re on a mobile device, Netflix may be degrading video quality so that you don’t face data overage charges, so if that really bothers you, try a different service.

Check out Netflix here.

Hulu $7.99/month

Hulu is great if you want to watch a lot of shows that are being shown on major networks and some cable TV channels right now. Even with the paid subscription you’ll have to sit through ads, but it is much cheaper than a cable subscription. You get the shows you want without all the unnecessary channels and content you get with overpriced cable. You also have the option to pay for add-ons like Showtime in your monthly subscription. Hulu also just joined the VR world, so you can now use your Hulu subscription to watch shows with a compatible headset.

Check out Hulu here.

Amazon Prime Instant Video $99/year

Amazon Prime in general is useful to have but its streaming service is great perk. Amazon Video may seem expensive since you pay for Amazon Prime annually (unless you’re on the Sprint network, which now offers Amazon Prime for $10.99 a month alongside your phone bill), but it’s worth it when you count in the other services Amazon provides. What it lacks in new movies and current shows, it makes up for in really great original content as well as a much broader selection of videos. People with kids will appreciate the large selection of children’s’ programming that is available on Amazon.

Check out Amazon Prime Instant Video here.

Pluto.TV Free

Pluto.TV is a free service many people haven’t heard of, despite its unique linear programming interface that mimics a normal TV experience – 100s of channels that you can access at any time just by accessing the website or app. The shows and content on these channels are aggregated from different sources online like YouTube, Maker Studios, Funny or Die, and more – there’s even a channel dedicated to cat videos. You can access different channels using the channel guide as well as bookmark shows to watch again – sort of like DVR-lite.  Pluto.TV has also has a deal with Hulu to bring content previously exclusive to that streaming platform over to Pluto.

Check out Pluto.TV here.

Hoopla Free

For those who spend more time in the library doing work and educating yourself than vegging out at home, there’s a streaming service just for you. Hoopla is a free streaming service for anyone with a library card. The movie and TV offerings aren’t the largest or most current selection available but since it’s a free service partnered with libraries, you’re bound to find something interesting to watch that you probably wouldn’t have discovered before. It also has an extensive audiobook and music selection, so if you’ve already watched a new movie like The Revenant using another subscription, you can now listen to the book it was based on for free.

Check out Hoopla here.


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Yna Aggabao | Marketing Intern