VENDORS: Do you want my money or not?

Here’s a great rant from fellow wireless ISP Ryan Spott at Iron Goat Networks
in Washington State. As the primary purchasing agent for netBlazr, boy does
this resonate with me.


1. Make your websites easily accessible.
(If I have to call you to get access to even MSRP pricing I have already moved to the next vendor).  (I do most of my planning.. er.. scheming late at night. If I can’t even see the products you sell, how do I buy them?!)

2. Make your website login EASY to get.
(If I have to fill out a credit app, or do any more than maybe a 10 minute phone call or any other non-sense I have already moved to the next vendor)

3. Make purchasing easy!
(I recently tried to purchase a stupid pico2HP from a vendor.. not even an M series! and was asked to fill out what equated to a credit application. Did I mention I was paying via a Credit Card?!…. Moving on to the next vendor)

4. Make using all aspects of your company easy… single signon etc…
(We have been trying off and on to simplify our vendor list to 3 or 5 vendors… One vendor literally just sent the boss a nasty gram after he heard me ranting in the background regarding wasted time while she was on the phone trying to get a login to the SAME COMPANY but a different division. Left Hand, please, meet the Right Hand!)