Weather’s effect on netBlazr wireless broadband connection

In one word: None.

If your netBlazr service is affected by a weather pattern, you should seek shelter immediately. The only way weather is going to affect your service is it a tornado blows the antenna off the roof.

  • Rain: 5 gigahertz signal used by netBlazr will not be affected by less than a full scale Tropical Downpour. It probably rains for less than one minute a year in Boston with anything even approaching this intensity.
  • Fog: You and I may have a hard time seeing through fog, but the actual density of the water vapor and droplets in the air is much less than rain. As a result, it does not affect signal.
  • Snow/Ice: Although there can be icing issues with some setups and angles, again there is generally not a whole lot of density to snow, and ice buildup on netBlazr antenna is marginal at best.

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