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Boston's Best Internet is now available for sign up at your building. To transfer your service:

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    Fill out the webform or call 617.245.8008.

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    A netBlazr representative will contact you to setup your new account.

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    Your current service will seamlessly transfer to netBlazr.

  • We respect your privacy and will never share your information with other parties.

You must set up an account with netBlazr to continue your service. After June 26th, 2018, your Webpass service will be discontinued.

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No contracts. No hidden fees.


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Speeds of 100, 300, 500, or 1000 Mbps based on building.

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Answers to your questions

Do I need to schedule an in unit appointment to transfer my Webpass service to netBlazr?

No. Once you set up an account with netBlazr, netBlazr will provide a smooth and seamless transition to our service.  You'll even be able to use the same port in your unit with your existing router.

What day is my Webpass service ending?

Webpass is planning to disconnect its service to your building on June 26th, 2018.

netBlazr will be providing a smooth and seamless transition to our service, without need for an install.

I already have an account with Webpass. Why do I need to setup one with netBlazr?

We will be making use of the equipment Webpass previously used to service your building, but no customer information is being shared between the two companies. To provide a smooth and seamless transition, you need to create a netBlazr account by Tuesday, June 26th, 2018. If you want to transfer your account after that, you'll need to contact us.

Can I use my existing router with netBlazr service?

You will be able to use your existing router and port in your unit to connect to netBlazr service.

If you need a router or are looking to upgrade your current device, our Customer Care team can help you choose the best router for your needs!

Will I see the same speeds with my new netBlazr service?

Yes, the performance and speeds of your connection will remain the same.

Your Friendly Neighborhood ISP

Boston Born and Bred. Highest Rated ISP. Bringing more choice to our hometown.

This internet service changed my life! For real. I run a home office and the speeds allow me to work on the weekend when the family is home. No more bogging down my upload speeds while the kids game and stream movies. No hidden fees and 300+ mbps. LOVE THEM!


What I love about netBlazr is that they're a small company, which means lots of direct communication and great customer service.


The speeds they advertise are the ones they deliver on. I keep a log of my internet speed hourly, and the speed almost never deviates from the 300mbps they promise. 


Supporters of Net Neutrality Since 2010

We've been big fans of the open internet since our beginning. That means no filtering, no throttling, and no traffic prioritization. Just the way the internet should be.