What are Symmetrical Speeds?

When it comes to keeping your business at maximum productivity, ensuring a smooth connectivity to the internet is a must. It’s no surprise then, that more and more people are choosing internet providers that offer symmetrical speeds

netBlazr is just one of those providers. Every plan we offer gets you the symmetrical speeds you need to help your productivity thrive! 

But what are symmetrical speeds, and why do you need them?

Let’s start easy: the two primary ways in which internet bandwidth is measured is in download and upload speed. These speeds are measured in megabits per second (Mbps): essentially, the amount of megabits of data your connection can transfer across the internet per second. 

Download speeds are the available bandwidth for downloading data from the internet. Upload speeds are the available bandwidth for uploading data to the internet Download speeds are the available bandwidth for downloading data from the internet. 

What does that look like in practice?

Symmetrical Speeds in a business internet sense are a feature of internet connections that provide the same download and upload speeds. You may think this is common sense (we certainly do!), but countless cable providers cripple your connection’s stability by providing upload speeds under 15 mbps! Don’t believe us? If you’re on a cable connection, check your speed now at fast.com.

General internet browsing and streaming both primarily rely on download speeds to provide a smooth experience. Upload speeds are still valuable however, and their use is growing. 

  1. They significantly cut down the time it takes to upload large documents or other content to your website.
  2. They help ensure smooth connections during video conferences or virtual events of any size
  3. They can help to eliminate frustrating bandwidth bottlenecks that occur when multiple users on a connection are uploading their daily work to a cloud storage site.

These processes have been great ways to stay ahead of the game for years. But now, they’ve all become crucial to maintaining a business’ productivity in 2020, and in a year like this, wouldn’t it make sense to be prepared for anything?

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