What Causes Slow Internet?

Ever have a million projects that need to be completed right now, but your internet seems to be taking minutes to load, even a single webpage?

This is sadly way more common than it should be and is likely caused by one of the following:

Insufficient Bandwidth: Happens when way too many people are trying to connect to the same network connection.  Unless you pay a large amount of money to your internet service provider, you are not assured the amount of bandwidth you need to always have a fast internet connection.

Multiple Toolbars and Tabs Open: This one goes out to the multitasking individuals who feel it’s necessary to have 20 tabs open and also have five or six toolbars set up for easy access to various internet tools.

Viruses and Spyware: This only gets worse over time.  These nagging problems can rob you of memory, as well as processor performance.

Internet Service Provider: Sometimes internet providers place you on an overloaded network, which can cause for more technical errors, leading to a slower speed than advertised.  Also having faulty hardware can be a problem that you need to take up with your provider.

WiFi Radio Interference: Internet routers usually run in the 2.4 GHZ frequency range, which is often the same range as cordless phones and other appliances that are found around a company’s office.  If the router is set up near these appliances, the router becomes overloaded and can slow down your internet connection.


Bottom line: If you’re having issues with your internet service provider, it’s time to consider
adding a super low-cost provider to improve reliability and performance