Why does your Business NEED Symmetrical Speeds?

Last week on this blog, we discussed symmetrical speeds: what they are, what some of their uses are, and why businesses should take note of whether their ISP is providing them with symmetrical speeds.

But why should you put down this article, and call us now? Why does your business NEED symmetrical speeds?

Put simply: you need symmetrical speeds both to ensure your business’ productivity through an uncertain winter, and to take advantage of the multitude of digital options available to you for reaching potential customers. 

Eliminate wasted time

On netBlazr’s symmetrical 300 mbps plan, uploading a 1GB file will take just 3.33 seconds. Meanwhile on Comcast’s asymmetrical 300 mbps plan, uploading that same 1GB file will take 66.66 seconds: over 1 minute! Those extra 63 seconds of waiting per Gigabit add up quickly when you have multiple employees needing to share documents at the same time.


Uploading big data files (and they’re only getting bigger!)

Due to the increasing digitization of work, including the use of higher resolution images, and more employees simultaneously uploading documents to a cloud storage platform (such as the Google Drive), cable’s low upload speeds have become a significant block on productivity. Bottlenecks occur daily with cable internet service, causing slowdowns for multiple employees at a time when they try to upload their work to the company server. You need a fast upload speed in order to keep everyone working: spinning wheels lead to procrastination!

Hosting Online Events and Webinars

Has your ability to directly communicate with customers moved online this year? For millions, this is the case. Online events and webinars have become a popular way for businesses to speak to customers from the safety of their homes and businesses need to have the necessary bandwidth available to maintain a smooth stream or frankly your event won’t look professional. Get symmetrical speeds to help keep your event quality at the same high level it was in 2019!

Ensuring your VPN can handle the increased load. Make cloud storage a breeze!

Perhaps with more of your workforce WFH, your VPN is under more strain than ever as employees try to log in from home. It’s no good providing a VPN with 50 mbps of download and 5 mbps of upload if you need your VPN to be able to accept files from many different users at the same time. If your VPN is causing a bottleneck for your employees: it’s costing you productivity and work hours. 

Price: why pay full price for half the connection you expected?

netBlazr’s plans provide twice the bandwidth of comparable cable plans by providing that bandwidth on the upload side as well as download. Our plans aren’t twice the price though and start at just $89.95/mo for a symmetrical 50 mbps connection. netBlazr also doesn’t have hidden fees. Cable’s hidden fees can leave you paying up to 24% more than you expected.


And many more reasons

Remember, netBlazr provides symmetrical speeds on ALL plans, meaning that an office worker, or a remote employee on a residential plan can get access to the fast upload speeds they need.


Ready to ditch a dated asymmetrical connection?

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